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To learners

"Learn to distinguish ways of people. And remember that no one is your friend and no one is your enemy, but everyone is a teacher to you"
Opening the inner forces is a constant and inevitable path of everyone - for people of Earth seeking liberation. Doubt and thirst for knowledge are inevitable stages in development of spiritual forces of a person who starts his way of liberation. Both these qualities have a common origin - the struggle with 'self'.
The higher understanding of your humble place in the universe is, the less doubts and thirst for knowledge you have. Because you clearly understand the Infinity surrounding you from all sides. You clearly understand that there is no empty space around you and everything is filled with Life.
The more self instincts you have, the more you focus on your 'self', the bigger and deeper your doubts are, the more tears roll down from your eyes, the fiercer your struggle with your flesh, passions, with your violent, hungry, not knowing calm thoughts is. No one ever found salvation in the struggle with themselves as going forward in spiritual development is possible only affirming, not denying.
A person shouldn't focus on struggle with passions, but on joy of love to Life, blessing Life in all it's forms, stages and phases of existence. The humbler you took your hour of life on Earth, the deeper and happier you have lived the day seeing life in every living being, every form of labor, the more you have done for spiritual development of powers within you.
Spend your day being happy for every achievement of your fellow people, and in this day the power to move you further to Knowledge and Wisdom will mature in your heart.

What a 'learner' means?

A learner is a person in whose heart the partition between "my" and "someone else's" as a boundary of blood relation has collapsed and the divine spark started to glow brightly in everyone, because it has lit up so firmly in them that now they are able to look for it in others, communicate with it and appeal to it.
A learner is a person who has become simple and kind to everyone, because all squiggles of his personality have disappeared in his heart. And he was able to clear the empty space for the Light of Life. Life has filled in this emptiness of the learner's heart filled with personal feelings before and filled this hollow space with buzzing of joy.
A learner carries his light and kindness to all affairs and meetings, living without time and space in those Divine principles which aspects sound within him in various notes of joy.

(From teachings of spiritual teachers, Two lives. Antarova K.E.).

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